Ghosts, Christmas and New York City

This is the first in a series of holiday themed posts celebrating our annual Christmas tours. We’ll be presenting three holiday themed ghost tours, Ghosts of Christmas Past, this December. To buy tickets to these events, click here! We in New York City are lucky enough to have had some jolly old Dutch forefathers, who […]

The Friendly Horror and Other Weird Tales

Two Staten Island residents, Jessica Burke and Anthony Burdge, have woven the strange history of the island into their fiction, a marvelous Lovecraftian collection of short stories called The Friendly Horror & Other Weird Tales.

Boroughs of the Dead Launch Party

Celebrate the launch of Boroughs of the Dead: Macabre New York City Walking Tours at Brooklyn Winery with an evening of tales written and inspired by the master of the macabre, Edgar Allan Poe.

The Enduring Appeal of the New York City Ghost Tour

There are many, many guides who will show you the best, brightest, and most beautiful sights the city has to offer, but I prefer the darker side of tourism. I want to know about the hidden histories of those who never made it into the guidebooks. I want to know what happened in the darkest nights, in the furthest reaches of New York City’s past. I want to know what happened to this city’s poor, to its wretches, to its forgotten. Most of all, I want to know what happened to its ghosts.


Fairly recently, one of my short stories, Nethermead, was made into a film by Soren Bailey. The story concerns a young woman bored by her job, her life, and everything, who is finally driven to madness when she rambles through the eponymous meadow in Prospect Park one shady twilit evening… NETHERMEAD TRAILER from Soren Bailey […]