Ghosts We’ve Known Storytelling Competition

Do you think you have what it takes to tell the scariest ghost story? Then prove it at Catland Books on Sunday, October 16th! In conjunction with the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival, Boroughs of the Dead presents Ghosts We’ve Known, a LIVE ghost storytelling contest — an the winner can snag two tickets to one of our signature walking tours, Haunted Brooklyn Heights!

The Enduring Appeal of the New York City Ghost Tour

There are many, many guides who will show you the best, brightest, and most beautiful sights the city has to offer, but I prefer the darker side of tourism. I want to know about the hidden histories of those who never made it into the guidebooks. I want to know what happened in the darkest nights, in the furthest reaches of New York City’s past. I want to know what happened to this city’s poor, to its wretches, to its forgotten. Most of all, I want to know what happened to its ghosts.


Fairly recently, one of my short stories, Nethermead, was made into a film by Soren Bailey. The story concerns a young woman bored by her job, her life, and everything, who is finally driven to madness when she rambles through the eponymous meadow in Prospect Park one shady twilit evening… NETHERMEAD TRAILER from Soren Bailey […]

M.R. James at Ghost Stories for the Weary Urbanite

Tomorrow I will be co-hosting Ghost Stories for the Weary Urbanite, a fun show with a poncey title that will feature one new and one classic ghost story. The new story will come courtesy of Jack Ketchum, and the classic story will be read by the lovely Terry McGarry. This stellar SF author will be […]

Ghost Stories for the Weary Urbanite

Next Wednesday, April 3rd, I’ll be co-hosting (along with Gordon Linzner) a night of readings of classical and contemporary ghost stories, with special guests Jack Ketchum and Terry McGarry. Ketchum and McGarry are renowned horror/SF writers, and this is an amazing chance to see them together! So, to paraphrase Lord Dunsany, come with me ladies […]

More Brooklyn Ghosts

After my recent blog post on the Ghost of Red Hook Lane, I started looking for more Brooklyn ghosts, and hit pay-dirt in this thrilling round up I found in the Brooklyn Public Library’s website. Most of these articles come from the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, which is in itself fascinating when you think about it […]

Frightening Favorites

This is a decidedly non-New York post, but lately I’ve been thinking about some of my favorite (fictional) ghost stories, and I realized that some of them aren’t even ghost stories at all. They’re just strange, and eerie, and unsettling, and if you ever get a chance to hunt them do, by all means do. […]

Haunted Hell’s Kitchen

  New Years’ Eve is almost upon us, so what better time to tell a few ghostly yarns involving bars? There are many reportedly haunted bars and taverns in New York City, and many of their stories are well-known by now: The White Horse Tavern, The Bridge Cafe, McSorley’s, and the Ear Inn all have […]