M.R. James at Ghost Stories for the Weary Urbanite

Tomorrow I will be co-hosting Ghost Stories for the Weary Urbanite, a fun show with a poncey title that will feature one new and one classic ghost story. The new story will come courtesy of Jack Ketchum, and the classic story will be read by the lovely Terry McGarry.

This stellar SF author will be reading one of my favorite ghost stories of all time: Lost Hearts, by M.R. James.My love for M.R. James is a tired old subject I won’t bang on about any more, but let me just say for the record that this is a very thrilling announcement for me to make.

If you haven’t read it yet — don’t! Come out on Wednesday April 3rd to hear Terry read it to you! Unless you live nowhere near New York City, in which case I’d recommend the next best thing: the M.R. James Podcast to the Curious. Or, you can do it the old fashioned way.

Hope to see those of you who can make it at this event. We plan to make it an ongoing thing, and the thought of contemporary horror authors gathering ’round to read the classic tales that inspired them, well, it makes me glow like some sort of very hot glowy thing.