H.P. Lovecraft’s New York City Walks

1920’s horror writer H. P. Lovecraft did not much relish his two years living in New York City (and that is putting it very mildly). He considered himself forever a New Englander and spent his long months of exile pining for his home in Providence, RI. But if there is one way that Lovecraft did resemble a typical New Yorker, it was that he was a walker.

Lovecraft in Brooklyn

Boroughs of the Dead is excited to announce a brand new tour in partnership with writer, tour guide, and H.P. Lovecraft aficionado Jane Rose. “Lovecraft in Brooklyn” follows the trajectory of the writer’s time living in Flatbush and Brooklyn Heights in the 1920s – a brief, difficult, but ultimately artistically significant period in the author’s life.

More Brooklyn Ghosts

After my recent blog post on the Ghost of Red Hook Lane, I started looking for more Brooklyn ghosts, and hit pay-dirt in this thrilling round up I found in the Brooklyn Public Library’s website. Most of these articles come from the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, which is in itself fascinating when you think about it […]

Brooklyn Ghosts: Cobble Hill

Found this great post over at the Bowery Boys, telling a Brooklyn ghost story I’d never heard before. And it’s thoroughly awesome. According to Henry Reed Stiles’ 1869 history of Brooklyn, the following event transpired one night in the 1820s, in a rowdy little tavern on Red Hook Lane: “One evening at around 11 p.m., […]

The Tragic Romance of Charlotte Canda

The story of Charlotte Canda isn’t technically a ghost story, but it’s an eerie tale of love and death in Victorian New York, which makes it the perfect thing for the upcoming weeks — for those who like their Valentine’s Day with a Gothic twist, that is. Charlotte Canda was a Victorian-era debutante who lived […]