Lovecraft in Brooklyn

Boroughs of the Dead is excited to announce a brand new tour in partnership with writer, tour guide, and H.P. Lovecraft aficionado Jane Rose. Lovecraft in Brooklyn follows the trajectory of the writer’s time living in Flatbush and Brooklyn Heights in the 1920s – a brief, difficult, but ultimately artistically significant period in the author’s life.


Lovecraft in Brooklyn

Twentieth-century horror writer Howard Phillips Lovecraft, whose persona and works are closely tied with his native Providence, RI, spent just over two years living in Brooklyn. Beset by a troubled marriage, financial difficulties, and a phobia of New York’s immigrant population, Lovecraft produced only a few stories while living in the city–works reflecting his attitude toward the teeming metropolis. Lovecraft’s time in Brooklyn, although difficult, proved  transformative. Upon returning to Providence, H P Lovecraft would immediately produce his most masterful and best-loved works.

This tour will trace a path from Lovecraft’s high hopes at the beginning of his Brooklyn sojourn in Flatbush, to tough times in the area now known as Brooklyn Heights, and artistic renewal beyond. While Lovecraft, an avid walker and antiquarian, roamed New York City and its surroundings widely, this tour will focus specifically on his ties to Brooklyn, exploring his impressions and inspirations along the way.

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Dates and Times

This tour runs May 27th and June 10th at 10:30am. Additional dates will be added in Summer/Fall 2017.

About the Tour Guide

Jane Rose comes by her interest in H.P. Lovecraft, weird horror, and the supernatural honestly due to her upbringing in rural New Hampshire, where crumbling Colonial houses and centuries-old graveyards abound. A writer, filmmaker, and sometime special FX makeup artist, her movies have screened at the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival in Portland, Oregon, and elsewhere. Ms. Rose created and designed the “Lovecraft in Brooklyn” tour, which she previously led with the former Morbid Anatomy Museum.