Two Masters of Horror in NYC

Boroughs of the Dead presents two walking tours dedicated to the masters of literary horror this October: Lovecraft in Brooklyn follows the trajectory of H.P. Lovecraft’s time living in Flatbush and Brooklyn Heights in the 1920s, and Edgar Allan Poe In Greenwich Village steps into the Greenwich Village of the 1840s, where Poe lived and […]

H.P. Lovecraft’s New York City Walks

1920’s horror writer H. P. Lovecraft did not much relish his two years living in New York City (and that is putting it very mildly). He considered himself forever a New Englander and spent his long months of exile pining for his home in Providence, RI. But if there is one way that Lovecraft did resemble a typical New Yorker, it was that he was a walker.

Lovecraft in Brooklyn

Boroughs of the Dead is excited to announce a brand new tour in partnership with writer, tour guide, and H.P. Lovecraft aficionado Jane Rose. “Lovecraft in Brooklyn” follows the trajectory of the writer’s time living in Flatbush and Brooklyn Heights in the 1920s – a brief, difficult, but ultimately artistically significant period in the author’s life.

Weird Tales of the West Village

Wander the labyrinthine streets of the West Village and hear chilling tales of ghosts, poets, occultists, and two masters of the macabre! CLICK HERE to purchase tickets. There’s something inherently uncanny about the West Village, a place where W 12th Street intersects with W 4th Street, and Waverly Place intersects with … Waverly Place. Explore the […]

Poe and Lovecraft: The Weird in New York City

Boroughs of the Dead’s tour The Weird West Village: From Poe to Lovecraft focuses on the ghostly, uncanny, and weird side of the city on this tour that highlights the works of two great masters of the macabre. Tickets available here. Quick: what comes to mind when I say the word “weird”? The uncanny? The […]