Edgar Allan Poe Birthday Tour 2018

On Friday, January 19th, 2018, join us for our fifth annual Edgar Allan Poe In Greenwich Village tour, a two-hour literary and historical walking tour that steps into the Greenwich Village of the 1840s, where Poe lived and worked at the height of his fame — before plunging irrevocably into the final, abysmal chapter of his short life.

The Most Romantic Ghosts in New York City

When you think about it, most ghost stories also have elements of romance in them, don’t they? Most ghost origin-stories run one of three ways — a murder or misdeed, an unjust, sudden or premature death, and the old standby: died of a broken heart. Since New York City abounds with ghost stories, it makes sense that we’d have a lot of love stories here, too. And so in the spirit of Saint Valentine, who was very romantically beaten with clubs and beheaded on February 14th, we present here a short list of some of the most romantic ghosts in New York City.

Ghosts, Christmas and New York City

This is the first in a series of holiday themed posts celebrating our annual Christmas tours. We’ll be presenting three holiday themed ghost tours, Ghosts of Christmas Past, this December. To buy tickets to these events, click here! We in New York City are lucky enough to have had some jolly old Dutch forefathers, who […]

Poe and Lovecraft: The Weird in New York City

Boroughs of the Dead’s tour The Weird West Village: From Poe to Lovecraft focuses on the ghostly, uncanny, and weird side of the city on this tour that highlights the works of two great masters of the macabre. Tickets available here. Quick: what comes to mind when I say the word “weird”? The uncanny? The […]

Lost Amusement Parks of New York City

Lost Amusement Parks of New York City: Beyond Coney Island is a must-read for any fan of obsolete amusements, NYC history, and bygone attractions. The book, available now from History Press, is a breezy read, peppered with anecdotes and delightfully nostalgic details. I chatted with authors Wes and Barbara Gottlock after a recent talk at […]