The Tragic Romance of Charlotte Canda

The story of Charlotte Canda isn’t technically a ghost story, but it’s an eerie tale of love and death in Victorian New York, which makes it the perfect thing for the upcoming weeks — for those who like their Valentine’s Day with a Gothic twist, that is. Charlotte Canda was a Victorian-era debutante who lived […]

Poe Tour This Weekend

Join me this Saturday January 19th to celebrate Edgar Allan Poe’s 204th “birthday” with a walking tour of Greenwich Village. I’m running two tours, one at 2:30pm and one at 7:30pm. Tours are 90 minutes long, and you can buy tickets here. Poe belongs to New York. He was a literatus, not a loner, and […]

Poe in New York City, 1837 – 1838 (Pt. 2)

This is the second half of a guest post written by Lisa Lideks, who runs the blog The World of Edgar Allan Poe. An authority on Poe who is devoted to separating truth and fiction, Ms. Lideks gives us the lowdown on some of his lesser-known years in Gotham. Last we heard, he was living […]

Haunted Hell’s Kitchen

  New Years’ Eve is almost upon us, so what better time to tell a few ghostly yarns involving bars? There are many reportedly haunted bars and taverns in New York City, and many of their stories are well-known by now: The White Horse Tavern, The Bridge Cafe, McSorley’s, and the Ear Inn all have […]

The Most Haunted House in Greenwich Village

14 West 10th Street, located between Fifth and Sixth Avenues, on one of the Village’s most picturesque blocks. It is perhaps no wonder, then, that it is incredibly haunted. After all, it seems almost too good to be true… Mark Twain lived at this address from 1900 – 1901 and if you visit it you […]

Boroughs of the Dead

“Like the best of the pulps, the narratives are creepy, darkly comical and elegantly composed, with lovingly detailed descriptions of place and an ample whiff of lurid decay.” – FANGORIA                      Imbued with the chilling undertone that inhabits all of New York’s five boroughs, BOROUGHS OF THE DEAD is an entertaining, varied and infectious take […]