Edgar Allan Poe Birthday Tour 2017

On Sunday, January 22nd, 2017, join us for our fourth annual Edgar Allan Poe In Greenwich Village tour, a two-hour literary and historical walking tour that steps into the Greenwich Village of the 1840s, where Poe lived and worked at the height of his fame.

Quote of the Day: Edgar Allan Poe

The only writing advice you will ever need: “Be bold. Read much. Write much. Publish little. Keep aloof from the little wits and fear nothing.” – Edgar Allan Poe  

Edgar Allan Poe and the Witch of Staten Island

Poe has the most amazing way of popping up in New York City history. This makes sense, when one considers the true character — and career — of the man. He was by no means an introverted shut in; rather, he was a man about town, and an accomplished editor and journalist, though one not above the occasional foray into publicity hoaxes. And sometimes, he puts in his two cents on the most seemingly unlikely of affairs. Such is the case with Polly Bodine.