Edgar Allan Poe Birthday Tour 2017

On Sunday, January 22nd, 2017, join us for our fourth annual Edgar Allan Poe In Greenwich Village tour, a two-hour literary and historical walking tour that steps into the Greenwich Village of the 1840s, where Poe lived and worked at the height of his fame — before plunging irrevocably into the final, abysmal chapter of his short life. As we do every January on (or around) Poe’s birthday, we are celebrating Poe’s life, work, and time in Greenwich Village to keep his important connection to Manhattan’s history alive and remembered. We think he’d appreciate the party hat, too.



On this tour, guests will visit the site of three of his former homes, learn of his contemporary rivals and admirers, and see where he wrote some of his most famous stories and poems. Interweaving Poe’s tales with Greenwich Village’s macabre secret histories, this tour is guaranteed to enthrall fans of Poe’s literary grotesques while honoring his literary legacy in New York City.

We’ll also discuss Poe’s works of non-fiction such as The Literati of New York City and Doings of Gotham, a stunning pen-portrait of antebellum New York that touches on everything from Poe’s opinions of our city’s architecture to the sensational news items of the day, including the murder trial of Polly Bodine, the “Witch of Staten Island.” We’ll delve into the nature of Poe’s relationship with New York, and what it meant to his career ambitions and personal life.


Edgar Allan Poe In Greenwich Village is led by Poe fan and macabre fiction writer Andrea Janes. Andrea is also the owner and founder of Boroughs of the Dead. This is one of the few tours she leads personally. As always, Andrea will offer Poe trivia — and prizes! — between stops on the tour.


This tour is the only walking tour in Manhattan dedicated exclusively to the life and works of Edgar Poe, and it is offered only twice in October, to honor the anniversary of his death. See our write-ups in Rue Morgue and Literary Manhattan for more. An absolute must for any Poe fan in New York City!