The Poisonous Prohibition in Brooklyn Heights

The following is a guest post from our tour guide Marie Carter, who will be conducting a lecture on “The Poisonous Prohibition” at QED in Astoria on Sunday, June 25, 2017, and leading our “Haunted Brooklyn Heights” tour — which will feature stories of poison during the Prohibition, true crime, haunting, murder, and more — […]

Green-Wood Cemetery: Murder & Mayhem, Scandal & Spiritualism

See the hidden gems and strange secrets of New York’s foremost Victorian cemetery. With a focus on the scandalous and lesser-known inhabitants of Green-Wood, on this tour you’ll see the final resting places of femmes fatales, revolutionaries, spiritualists, gangsters, artists and murderers.

March is Butchery Month!

Take both tours and get $10 off your second ticket! William “Bill the Butcher” Poole died on March 8th, 1855. This Saturday March 8th, learn more about this notorious gangster and visit his stomping grounds of the Bowery and the old Five Points on our tour of Murder, Scandal, Crime & Vice: Crime & Corruption […]

Murder, Mystery and Mayhem

Lately I’ve been reading some great history books dealing with the dark and criminal side of the city’s past and true crime in New York City. One is an old classic, the other just came out last month. I thought I’d share these with you and at the same time let you know about a couple of cool mysterious events going on around town, from my Murder, Scandal and Vice tour to the stage show Murder For Two.

Edgar Allan Poe and the Witch of Staten Island

Poe has the most amazing way of popping up in New York City history. This makes sense, when one considers the true character — and career — of the man. He was by no means an introverted shut in; rather, he was a man about town, and an accomplished editor and journalist, though one not above the occasional foray into publicity hoaxes. And sometimes, he puts in his two cents on the most seemingly unlikely of affairs. Such is the case with Polly Bodine.