Halloween Walking Tours 2018

Our full schedule of October tours is hereWe’ve got mystics on the Lower East Side, magicians in NoHo, and mediums on our newly revamped Green-Wood Cemetery tour; we’ve got witches on Wall Street, “weird tales” in the West Village, madness and medicine on Roosevelt Island, and so much more!

Read on for highlights, and visit our Calendar for an at-a-glance look at all our upcoming tours — including our full roster of classic ghost tours and seasonal favorites like The Magic and Mysticism of Central ParkHaunting Histories and Legends of Astoria, and Haunted Brooklyn Heights!

Mystics and Fortune Tellers of the Lower East Side

Discover the fortune-tellers, mystics, and clairvoyants who abounded in the Lower East Side from the mid 19th to early 20th century. Learn about the Jewish mystic whose funeral was attended by a crowd of 10,000 people, an African American occultist living in the Five Points in the 1850s (who was New Age way ahead of his time), an infamous guide to the city’s fortune tellers written in 1858 called “The Witches of New York” (many of whom resided on Broome Street!) and the strange fate that befell its author, plus much more!


Spiritualists and Magicians of NoHo

NoHo contains a wealth of locales associated with the Spiritualists and magicians of the 19th century.
Many of these original locations remain, sometimes in unexpected forms, so join us and discover the fascinating secret histories of the magical, spiritual world that lies hidden beneath the bustle and trendiness of NoHo. We will lead you into the realm of self-styled mediums, spirit photographers, magicians who taught Harry Houdini the ropes, radical suffragettes and Spiritualists including Victoria Woodhull, and more!


Spiritualists of Green-Wood Cemetery

Uncover the strange and spiritual secrets of New York’s foremost Victorian-era cemetery. With a focus on the legacy of Spiritualism in the 19th century, this tour will visit the final resting places of mentalists, mediums, and more. Along the route, we’ll also explore the era’s obsession with death and mourning, learn how 19th century technologies may have actually encouraged belief in the spirit world, and discuss the relationship between Spiritualism and the Women’s Rights movement. Note: this tour was formerly known as “Murder & Mayhem, Scandal & Spiritualism.”


Edgar Allan Poe In Greenwich Village

Step into the Greenwich Village of the 1840s, where Poe lived and worked at the height of his fame — before plunging irrevocably into the final, abysmal chapter of his short life. Visit the site of three of his former homes, trace a path into the past to gaslight-era Washington Square Park, learn of his contemporary rivals and admirers, and see where he wrote some of his most famous stories and poems.

This tour runs on the weekend of October 7th only, to commemorate the anniversary of Poe’s death.