New Look, Plus Twitter!

After months of playing with this website, and with the overall concept of Boroughs of the Dead, I’ve finally figured a few things out.

First, and most obviously, I’ve updated the look of the site. The present theme has a pleasantly old-fashioned look, one wonderfully reminiscent of Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s The Yellow Wallpaper. Second, I’ve realized that Boroughs of the Dead is so much more than just a book. After nearly two years of running ghost tours for another company, I’ve come to realize that I want to also run tours of my own — not ghost walks necessarily, but tours that celebrate all things dark and macabre about New York. Naturally, the tours have a historical bent, from Edgar Allan Poe’s Gaslight New York, to the scandals of the Gilded Age. Check out all the new offers over on the Walking Tours page. In the meantime, I’m continuing to run tours with Ghosts of New York, and will still list those public tours on this site, and I’m also partnering with a bar in my neighborhood, the Sea Witch, to run tours in Green-Wood Cemetery. Pretty exciting times, for a dead borough.

Boroughs of the Dead, of course, is still the same book it always was, and is still for sale (very much for sale!) over here. That hasn’t changed.

One final bit of news — in the spirit of being more businesslike and such, I’ve started a separate Twitter account for the tour company. It’ll cover all your paranormal New York news, while leaving my personal account free for general musings. And, as always, we’re on Facebook, too!

Hope to see you on a tour one day!