Unsettling tales of this neighborhood’s grim and ghostly past

NEW MEETING POINT! This tour now starts at Socrates Sculpture Park. Nearest subway stop, Broadway, but also a five-minute walk  from the ferry.

Please map it using this link (not the map above).

Ends by the Hell Gate Bridge, closest subway stop Ditmars Boulevard.

Tour Description: Astoria is a pleasant, bustling, vibrant neighborhood — but it also has a dark and lurid history with its fair share of ghosts. Its shadowy past is a whirlpool of sunken ships, secret cemeteries and tombstones, grisly murders, sinister legends, and deadly waters. Discover these unsettling tales with “Haunting Histories and Legends of Astoria,” a 2-hour stroll that visits some lesser-known historical sites and glorious Victorian mansions of Old Astoria Village, and reveals these unsettling tales of the neighborhood’s grim and ghostly past.

Price: $35, advance purchase required