GLAMOUR Cover Art Has Arrived!

I’m excited to announce that the cover art for my forthcoming Young Adult novel has been unveiled! GLAMOUR is a Young Adult urban fantasy full of snark, wit, and of course, witches! A body-swapping tale of a teenage witch who lives in a small town in Cape Cop, GLAMOUR will be published by the independent publishing house World Weaver Press, and will be available for purchase on March 18th, 2014.

Check out the cover art in all its glory, and a full synopsis of the novel below:

Glamour, a novel by Andrea Janes, World Weaver Press

Stealing the life she’s always wanted is as easy as casting a spell.

Townie. That’s what eighteen-year-old Christina Sundy is. All year round she lives in a one-stoplight town on Cape Cod, and when summer comes, she spends her days scooping ice cream for the rich tourists she hates. So when one of them takes a job in the ice cream shop alongside her, she’s pissed. Why does a blonde and perky Harvard-bound rich girl like Reese Manning want to scoop ice cream anyway?

Something else weird is happening to Christina: tiny blue sparks seem to be shooting off her fingers. It isn’t long before she realizes the truth about herself — she’s actually a powerful hereditary witch. But her newfound powers are too intense for her to handle and, in a moment of rage, she accidentally zaps Reese into another dimension.

So that no one will notice that the rich girl has disappeared, Christina casts a disguising spell, or “glamour,” and lives Reese’s life while she tries to find a retrieval spell.But as the retrieval spell proves harder than anticipated, and as she goes about living Reese’s life without anyone on the outside noticing the switch, Christina realizes that there’s nothing to stop her from making the glamour permanent… except, of course, her fellow witches, a 16th century demon, and, just maybe, her own conscience.

Add this book to your Goodreads to-read list!

Add it to your Goodreads lists now! And pick it up in paperback or ebook on March 18.